These three pictures show the basic layout of the teleprompter (Click on the pix to get a larger image). A 19" LCD monitor is mounted horozontally on the base. The side pieces hold a 16" X 16" piece of plate glass at a 45 degree angle. A horizontal frame is sized to place the video camera lens in the center of the reflecting glass both vertically and horizontally. A piece of black matte board is placed on the back (camera side) of the reflecting glass to prevent light from entering from the rear. A hole is cut in the matte board to allow the camera see through the reflecting glass. Finally, a matte board box was made to cover the camera and block any light which can still get through the camera hole in the matte board. Holes are made to allow for connections for camera power, audio-in, headphone audio monitor-out, and HDMI video monitor-out.

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The view above left showes the placement of the LCD monitor with power and VGA-in connectors. The coil of wire of the extension for the headphone monitor-out and the other power supply is for the video camera. Above center shows the monitor and the reflecting glass backed by the black matte board with a hole for the camera. The picture to the right shows the teleprompter mounted (yes, with a C-clamp) to a board. The board is attached to a steel plate and the plate has a 1/4" nut welded to it to allow for attachment to the tripod. eventually, the teleptompter will have its own steel plate for mounting directly to the tripod. The bottom right picture shows a close up of the view the talent would have looking into the camera lense through the reflecting glass (not to be confused with Through the Looking Glass, for obvious reasons...). You can clearly see the LCD monitor reflected in the glass.

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Click here to see the teleprompter in action!

El Cheapo Teleprompter Programme