Baltimore, Maryland

(circa 1972-76)

This is a photo of the baltimore skyline taken from Federal Hill looking North.

The tall building on the left, the then USF&G building, was nearing completion and

the U.S Frigate Constellation is at her berth in the center of the photo.

Another shot looking farther West.

The same view from the foot of Federal Hill some years later.

Still another shot from Federal Hill looking North-East across the Inner Harbor.

One final shot from Federal Hill. The Old Bay Line docks were torn down many years ago and the old power house is now full of eateries and a sports bar. Of note is the fact the that Old Bay Line used to run passenger steamers up and down the Chesapeake Bay. During WW II at least one of their steamers was pressed into war service carrying troops across the Atlantic. After the war this steamer was sold for scrap. Zionist Jews purchased it and this steamer became much better known as the "Exodus 1947" when she tried to run the British blockade of Palestine.

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