Part I

Third President for Life, Gödel C. Escherbach

The Turbulent Years - 1939-1966

In the photograph below the Third President for Life, Gödel C. Escherbach, meets with Soviet President Josef Stalin and Foreign Minister Molotov in Moscow in 1939. It was actually Escherbach, not Molotov, who secretly negotiated the non-aggression pact between the Soviet Union and Germany. This allowed the Soviets the time they needed to build up their defenses against the inevitable German attack.

Third President for Life, Gödel C. Escherbach, (standing, fourth from the left) was present at the "Big Three" meeting in Yalta in 1945. It was here that the President for Life tricked American President Franklin D. Roosevelt into believing that the Banana Republic had actually beat the U.S. in the development of atomic weapons. This allowed the BR to take part in the "Big Three" negotiations and escape being carved up and placed into either the U.S. or Soviet post-war spheres of influence. Our Late Fearless Leader noted in his memoirs that Churchill always had good cigars to share and was quick with the lighter and that Roosevelt was generous with his bourbon. Unfortunately, Stalin was a bore, smoked crappy Georgian cigarettes and was a sore looser when playing cards. It is reported that Stalin still owes our Fearless Leader about fifteen bucks US.




Third Fearless Leader, Gödel C. Escherbach, reviews troops of the People's Liberation Army along with Party Chairman Mao Tse-tung and Liu Shao-chi during a 1959 good will visit to the People's Republic of China. The Fearless Leader claimed that Mao was no Party Chairman in the true sense of the word; he couldn't mix drinks worth a damn, had horrible taste in music and always dressed like a waiter in a bad Chinese restaurant. Our Late Fearless leader reported in his diary that the only think that kept him from going insane during the long and boring trip was Liu Shao-chi's black market Johnny Walker Red Label and the show girls he had in his entourage. Unlike Mao, Liu Shao-chi knew how to party. This saved Sino-BR relations from devolving into war.

After perpetuating the myth of an atomic arsenal on the Soviets and the Chinese as well as the Americans the President for Life was envited to the Soviet Union as an equal in 1966. Here our Fearless Leader is shown (fourth from the left) reviewing Soviet troops from atop Lenin's tomb in Red Square. To the Fearless Leader's left are Soviet Marshal Yuri Glupimalchikov and Premier and Party Secretary Leonid I. Brezhnev, both of whom are lousy at cards, according to our Fearless Leader, although future leader Konstantine Chernyenko (second from the left) was a great bluffer even if he often fell asleep in the middle of a hand.

Part II

Third President for Life, Gödel C. Escherbach

A Short Chronology of his Early Years: 1917-1942

Third President for Life, Gödel C. Escherbach, helps Vladimir I. Lenin give a speech in Moscow, circa 1917. The President for Life recorded in his journal that Lenin wasn't much of a speaker. He often stuttered and lost his train of thought. It was Escherbach who often coached Lenin during the campaign to overthrow the Mensheviks and give birth to the Soviet Union. While fond of V.I. and Mrs. Lenin, the President for Life was not a big fan of Leon Trotsky (standing below the President for Life and facing the camera). Trotsky often cheated at cards and was later found in Mexico City with an axe in his head due to a bad debt owed to Joe Stalin.


The Third President for Life, Gödel C. Escherbach, was an avid supporter of aviation from the time he assumed power. When close friend General William "Billy" Mitchell was court-martialed in 1925 the President for Life immediately flew to Washington, DC to lend his support. Mitchell is standing and The President for Life is shown sitting to his right. Mrs. Mitchell is on his left. Mitchell was thought to have died in 1936 but his "death" was arranged. He actually moved to the BR and supervised the growth of the B.R. Air Force.


In 1929 the Third President for Life, Gödel C. Escherbach, disappeared from the Presidential Compound and was not seen for several months. Later, after his return, it was learned that the President for Life has disguised himself and obtained employment as a pilot for Maddux Airlines flying the route between Los Angeles and San Diego. The President for Life later explained that he wanted to experience life as an ordinary citizen. Since his face was too well known in the Banana Republic he elected to travel to the United States and move among the masses. After about five months he grew tired of the proletarian rat-race and returned to the BR.

In January of 1935 the president for Life made a state visit to Australia. Here he is shown debarking from a de Havilland DH-86 at Archer Aerodrome along with two of his harem nannies. Chief Pilot L.J. Brian is shown to the left assisting the President for Life.

In June of 1937 the President For Life was visiting Karachi (then part of British controlled India) on vacation when he learned that Amelia Earhart would be stopping there on her second around the world flight. On 15 June the President for Life met with Earhart (center) and her navigator Fred Noonan. The President for Life was very impressed with Earhart's Lockheed model 10E Electra with its advanced Bendix instruments and new Sperry autopilot equipment on board. As a matter of fact, he cabled Lockheed later that day to order a fleet of model 10's for the BRAF.

Throughout World War II the President for Life was always available to support the lowly grunts who were slugging it out for truth, justice and the Banana Republic way. Here he is shown posing with the mechanics of Headquarters Squadron, 24th Pursuit group at Bataan Field in January of 1942 in front of one of their precious few Curtiss P-40E's. This was soon after the Americans entered the war and they were not well prepared. While the BR could not lend much economic assistance due to its small size, it could lend expertise. It was this military and intelligence expertise which allowed the allies to turn the tide of the war and eventually destroy the forces of darkness.

Fifth President for Life, Gödel E. Escherbach

A Short Chronology: 1955-1972

This photograph of the President for Life (middle) was taken in 1955 during a state visit to the BR made by Soviet President Nikita Krushchev (right) and Nikolai Bulganin (left). This photograph was taken soon after Bulganin ripped a huge fart. While always fond of passing gas, the President for Life does require that everyone call their own shots and claim responsibility. SBD's are most certainly not appreciated in the Presidential Palace. (This was only one of the many reasons why Joe Stalin was never allowed to return after his disastrous 1938 visit.)

In 1972 the President For Life finally met U.S. President Richard M. Nixon. The President for Life found President Nixon to be very personable with a wicked sense of humor and a foul mouth. The President for Life respects this in a world leader. When Nixon sought advice about the brewing Watergate scandal from the President for Life our Fearless Leader recommended that Nixon burn the tapes, stonewall the press and, by all means, lie! He even suggested that H.R. Halderman, John Erlichman, John Dean, Mitchell, and several others, should "vacation" in the Banana Republic for an extended period. Perhaps a very extended period of time. Nixon ultimately rejected all of these ideas and paid the price. Before leaving, President Nixon did leave the President for Life an autographed copy of the famous Nixon and Elvis photograph. It now hangs next to the Elvis on velvet painting given to the people of the BR by Big Daddy, Doctor, President for Life, Idi Amin Dada, the former President of Uganda

Here the President for Life is shown shortly after a flight in the Banana Republic Air Force's experimental X-24B lifting body aircraft. This vehicle paved the way for the BRAF's Trans-Atmospheric Forces. As this photo was shot the President for Life was expressing his displeasure with the local bus service. After landing on the Rogers dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base in the United States he was supposed to be met by a Air Force bus. The crew bus was over an hour late and by that time the President for Life had already called a cab.

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